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(Long post ahead)

Okay I shall post about the Phuket trip that happened super long ago!

When: Early May, 5D5N
Who: Me and Chang
Expenditure: Aprox 700 bucks in total! D:

Okay so after failing to get anyone else to join us, me and chang embarked on the journey just by ourselves! Thankfully we had a contact from xixian beforehand, so we arranged for airport transfer with Mr Mark before we left. Its good that Phuket has so many tour operators you can just book your day tour just the night before.
We stayed at Aspery hotel, just a short walk away from the beach! It was supposed to be a 3 star hotel but it turned out to be quite good! Fast and free wireless, were served orange juice once we stepped into the lobby whoa. and they reset the safe for free! (Somehow we couldnt manage to open it on the 2nd last day o.o)

So on the first day, we went on a coral island daytour!
Well the waters weren't THAT clear. and there wasn't many corals as well :( i think they all died.
There were many Japanese tourists by the way. We did some snorkelling and scuba diving! which was pretty fun, but at first I was all claustrophobic and stuff. I shall learn diving soon once i enter school!

Second day: Canoeing tour!

We joined this tour by Phuket Panwa canoe and it was dam fun! We were canoed about Hong Island, DAM PRETTYYY. Although the boat journey was dam long, its super shiok to stand on the deck and enjoy the sea breeze~ I stood in the sun for like forever LOL. Furthermore, the tour guide/rowers were also quite friendly and retarded, hence not so boring.

one of the young rowers helped us and other couples take this shot. so creative!!!

Drinking sprite (or for me, orange juice..) on the seven seas. This is how life should be! 

The rowers made this for us too :) so sweet really!!

Awesome views along the way..

We also camwhored at James bond Island, the tour guide was like instructing us what pose to do and stuff LOL.

Jumpshot success!

When we arrived at the last island our rower Bubu (?) brought us to explore some cave. Okay I've done caving before but caving BAREFOOTED was roarrr! the ground quite rough somemore. alot of sharp edges.
and as a result of spending too much time in the caves, the ship set sail without us! but Bubu rowed with all his might and caught up. some crazy arm strength he has.

Thats a friggin crab!!

with our very friendly and macho rower. (and one of the rare moments when my forehead can be seen..)

We also went on this rafting package. rafting was funfunfun! but no photos since cameras weren't allowed. but major dislike the elephant trekking and animal shows! animal cruelty omg D: the animals looked so sad, like their life is so meaningless D:

Poor elephant D:

So apart from the day tours, what did we do??

1.Visit Jungceylon almost everyday
Jungceylon is a shopping mall around 15 mins walk from our hotel. Well we had to go to carrefour like nearly everyday!

What's the point of going to phuket if you don't go to the beach right.

But the beach wasn't THAT clean and too overcrowded with tourists anyway.
Attempts to take shots of Chang and her modern poses..

Reason why I should keep short hair:

3. Shop and Eat!
Every stall along the streets sell almost the same thing, plus we were too lazy to bargain so we didn't buy much anyway.

Thai food is rather nice. The non spicy dishes of course. like Phad thai and the glass noodles!

Watermelon shake. The best thing in the world. It is sooo refreshing and sweet. Singapore's watermelon juice totally pales incomparison. I drank this like every night :D
This was at some No.6 restaurant along the main road, near Jungceylon. Cheap! Phad thai was like 50 baht and they had cocktails for 6 bucks!

Chanced upon Mango sticky rice - MY FAVVV. only 60 Baht!

Check out their orange tehbing!!

and these roadside crepes!! cheap+ good. get the banana and chocolate ones!

Thai massages are the best!
So I found this massage place on tripadvisors and we went to try it out!

Sweet Lemongrass Massage
Nanai Soi 8, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150

Well the nanai soi place was REALLY ULU. we walked for like ages under the hot sun(and we forgot our caps!) and were on the verge of giving up and just go to any massage place along the main street. There were just too many nanai soi-s from 1 to 8?!

But luckily we persisted, cos it was reallyyyy good and affordable. (prices from like 200-550 baht depending on the duration!) We did the Mixed thai and oil massage (Lavender! Yay) and decided that we had to come back again before we left. (Although the place was a real far walk from our hotel)

Well in case I forget the directions in future, here is it:

Walk and face the food market behind Jungceylon, turn right and walk all the wayyy down(for about 10 mins) until Jungceylon disappears from view then turn left into a small sliproad and walk all the way in.

On the way to Sweet Lemongrass for the 2nd time on our last day! (Ew to dusty roads)

I shall try the full Thai massage next time.
ta-daah. I want to go Bangkok at the end of the year!!

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