Saturday, March 24, 2012

kraftfunk at sdd!

SO finally all the sdd photos start trickling into facebook haha!

Prelims! lika boss.

 I think i did something stupid thats why they were laughing at me.
Shina came to help us do hair and makeup. love her :))

With andee after the show
Camwhoring in progress

 w shina our guardian angel!!

 The photoshoot. 2nd photo dam funny hahhaha.

 More photos lika boss.

Me lika boss. okay.

we had some imba hair plan that was comparable to zoo thailand's

mianbao the hairstylist
my hair so boomz cos we had to braid the night before PLUS crimp it on the day itself.

Hair all done up!

Me and mianbao trying to act like some kpop group HAHAHA okay la look like something 2ne1/big bang would wear

seh hair. and trying to act like taiwanese boyband

HAHAH this dam funny. after DSS went out to get their prize deep ft and us rushed to take photo with the champion background haha hampions for 1 second -.-

 Spamming polaroids as if they're free one hahahha
i sponsored okay

 woaho i like this part.

was expecting more photos though WAI SO LITTLE i thought alot of photographers were snapping away at us backstage :(((

During our celebratory dinner, presenting the famous shiki pose..

It was an enriching journey and everyday feels kinda weird now cos i'm not meeting the rest 4 times a week like we did for the past 3 months. oh well.

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