Saturday, March 31, 2012

no more tomorrow

Recently hooked on an old song - tomorrow by tablo and taeyang

life has been busy! 5 more days and the bulk of my work would have subsided. can't wait

Saturday, March 24, 2012

kraftfunk at sdd!

SO finally all the sdd photos start trickling into facebook haha!

Prelims! lika boss.

 I think i did something stupid thats why they were laughing at me.
Shina came to help us do hair and makeup. love her :))

With andee after the show
Camwhoring in progress

 w shina our guardian angel!!

 The photoshoot. 2nd photo dam funny hahhaha.

 More photos lika boss.

Me lika boss. okay.

we had some imba hair plan that was comparable to zoo thailand's

mianbao the hairstylist
my hair so boomz cos we had to braid the night before PLUS crimp it on the day itself.

Hair all done up!

Me and mianbao trying to act like some kpop group HAHAHA okay la look like something 2ne1/big bang would wear

seh hair. and trying to act like taiwanese boyband

HAHAH this dam funny. after DSS went out to get their prize deep ft and us rushed to take photo with the champion background haha hampions for 1 second -.-

 Spamming polaroids as if they're free one hahahha
i sponsored okay

 woaho i like this part.

was expecting more photos though WAI SO LITTLE i thought alot of photographers were snapping away at us backstage :(((

During our celebratory dinner, presenting the famous shiki pose..

It was an enriching journey and everyday feels kinda weird now cos i'm not meeting the rest 4 times a week like we did for the past 3 months. oh well.


Latest polishes i bought~ $10 each! with free postage
a nude polish and 2 glittery ones from OPI's Holland Collection - I have a Herring problem and Gouda Gouda two shoes. such cute names!

Always have this urge to paint nails once i wake up in the morning. 

 Tickle my france-y and china glaze material girl. absolutely in love in with this nude polish it gives off a very classy and professional vibe. 

and I need to stop buying more polishes because this is my current stash -.- and I havent tried all yet! so yes must stop buying and save $$!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

still one of my all time favourites


got bored from doing FA report


and yesterday marked the end of a 3 month long journey

suddenly dont have any choreo to remember in 6 months, feels weird...

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Okay so I did a short walk about through it fair and I think I want Canon IXUS 125!
but its 399 bucks. bleh pretty expensive. oh well.

Friday, March 09, 2012

mid sem blues

Its the time of the sem where all the projects/assignments are due.
3-4 more weeks of hecticness..... argh.

japan trip postponed cos we won't be able to catch the cherry blossoms, krabi trip settled and tw trip with mummy in the planning! its gonna be an awesome summer  :D

wanna get a camera but don't know what to get. everyone's telling me to get olympus pen but ITS TOO EX. roar. oh well good thing nelson's helping, never knew he was a camera junkie HAHA (qw are you reading this) but anyway i really need a new digicam.

heading to school almost everyday.... sighs.

on a sidenote, smu's post exam party is back!!!

guess who are the 4 models and stand a chance to win a pair of raybans :D damm wish i could participate.

Awesome photos by Flo!!! saw how hard gab was trying to do all the photoshop effects HAHA. shall learn photoshop one day.