Friday, November 16, 2012

Eastern Europe Travelogue: Day 6& 7 - Prague (Czech Republic)

After touring cesky krumlov we headed to prague! the bus journey took away the whole afternoon :( oh well. europe is so big!!
Arrived at prague around evening time! our tour guide offered to bring us out to enjoy the night scenery of Prague. and we took public transport!!

Their trams are sooo empty. what a stark contrast to singapore.

Bus ticket!

Their metro~ their transport system is relatively easy to cheat though. but being law-abiding tourists we still bought our tickets!
Finally arrived in the city centre and the sun was about to set:

This is the place where dbsk filmed o jung ban hap :D finally visited the place woohoo!

Prague castle across the river.

Illuminated buildings at night!

Czech Republic's soccer team had just won a soccer match the previous night, so we were lucky enough to catch their celebratory fireworks :) It was quite a massive display

We started our city tour the next morning!

First stop, Prague castle!

heehee poor european castle guards who have to keep a straight face even though eveyone was snapping photos of him


Prague's buildings are pretty different!

More churches! Their churches are so majestic :O

Rainy day :(

A bridge where couples tie a knot to!


Had lunch at this little dubious looking cafe off the Wenceslaus square. haha. We were trying to find this michelin restaurant but couldn't find it :( Anyway turned out that the food was really good+ cheap!!

MY PORK KNUCKLE. SO BIG OMG YUMZ I THINK IT WAS ONLY LIKE 15 BUCKS. one of the cheaper places to eat already!

Beef goulash/stew! very different from hungary's and we didnt expect it to be so big!! couldnt finish it :(( but was super yumz!

Wedding car spotted

For tea time we headed to hard rock cafe to chill since there wasnt much to shop around in prague.

First time in hardrock!

Some cheesecake thing that was meh

Some more scenic photos of prague

Cute little colourful buildings! haha. there were damn ALOT of pigeons though


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