Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bistro One Zero Three

Bistro 103 is a humble Italian Bistro located among the shophouses along Pasir Panjang road. You'll just miss it if you didn't look carefully!

The whole restaurant had a very homely+cozy feel to it. super love the feeling :)
Headed there to celebrate le boyfriend's birthday on Friday night! It was still pretty empty when we reached there at 7, but more people started coming throughout the course of our dinner! The owners were super friendly too, I called beforehand to ask them to serve a surprise cake and they remembered and auto brought it out after we finished our main courses :')

Ice cream flavours listed out on the shop glass. Too bad we were too full :( Would have loved to try their icecream!!

Display of beer? aha

We ordered Escargot Au Gratin as our appetiser!
Not a big fan of escargot, but the sauce/cream was super yumz! serve with two generous pieces of perfect garlic bread :) 

And of course our main courses!

I ordered the BBQ pork ribs and the serving was woah! haha. The ribs were juicy and not too tough, just right! 

And the Kurobuta Pork neck steak! fat pieces of steak haha.

We also had their chocolate cake (which i didnt manage to get a decent photo of) and it was one of the best chocolate cakes I had ever eaten! The layers of cream were chocolatey and firm, not the soft whipped cream kind yumz.

Spend around $80+ for both of us! A pretty decent chill place to have a nice dinner :) Would definitely go back someday (if only it wasnt so out of the way T.T)! Might want to try out their pastas next, saw some pretty good reviews on them :)

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