Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eastern Europe Travelogue: Day 5 - Bratislava (Slovakia), Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

Moving on, we drove into Slovakia on the way to Czech Republic!
Stopped by the capital city of Bratislava! sounds like another artsy capital!

Wish we could have spent more time in bratislava :(

Some revolving lookout point!

I took loads of photos of architecture in the little town so I shall let the pictures do most of the talking!

I really love all these european architecture! 

Of course, street artists again!

Honestly wondered what happened to this bicycle.

OMG at first i thought this was a street artist. but NO it was a bronze figure. HAHAH

This is the true street artist.

Souvenirs! Their fridge magnets were really nice.

After free and easy lunch we continued on our way to Czech Republic!

the countryside is calling out to me :'(

It was like a 6 hour ride? and halfway thru it POURED. like really POURED. lol. its was freezingggggg. And on one of the long stops along the expressway the stores were closed so everyone just had to stand around huddling from the cold wind and rain!

We finally reached a small town called Cesky Krumlov in the evening! Its a UNESCO World Heritage site :O It was so country-like I totally just fell in love!

At the hotel dining area! super homely

family portrait! I can totally imagine spending winter in this little town!

3 dollar beer! which my dad drank of course.

We stayed at The Old Inn Hotel. Which was really nicely decorated but was kind creepy cos the hotel was more than 600 years old??? :O

Really homely furniture :))

View of the main square at night! pretty :)

Slept damn well. Breakfast was pretty minimal! guess its just a simple little hotel.

We went on a tour around the town! but it was raining :((

There was a castle in the little town! and it was really really old :O

Winding alleys!

Thats the castle! and the stream :)

Stopped for lunch at one of the local restaurants!

My hot chocolate with whipped cream woohoo! 

My brother's pig's trotter. DAMN HUMONGOUS OMG

Oh yea there were many shops selling pastry rolls! and i bought one to try:)

And another one of the stream. there were school kids coming to the town to canoe. so fun! i also want to canoe~~

Okay shall continue on the rest of the day in another post :) photo overload!! hahaha.

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