Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JB Road Trip!

During recess week, 7 of us went to Johor Bahru for a one day road trip haha!
It was fairly impromptu. Well the jio-ing started quite early but we only decided on the details like the day before?? and on the day itself??? haha. 
Super thanks to Johnhao the malaysian for offering to drive us around in his huge family car!

The noob & kiasu singaporeans

My first time in JB!!!

Our main purpose there was to eat. and eat. and eat. HAHA. honestly cos there's nth much to do at JB and given that we were only gonna spend an afternoon there....

First stop: Herbal Bak kut teh!
This small lil coffeeshop was located near the customs, and johnhao recommended it. and HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD.

FULL of pork ribs!
It was pretty different from singapore's peppery ones! super flavourful. We just ordered like 4 bowls of soup + you tiao + preserved veg and stuff. at the end of the meal everyone was so full but satisfied!! heehee.

Okay disgusting pic but we really wiped out all of it. and the best part: each of us paid like $4 only!!! for SO much.

After lunch we headed to a shopping mall! to eat more stuff haha. 

Second stop: secret recipe cakes!!!

According to the rest, cakes were half price in malaysia compared to sg. I ordered this half chocolate half cheesecake thing. and the cheese was DAMN GAO. in a good way. hee

Cake monsters.

I must say all of us have SUPER BIG APPETITES. including me and shagar. nikki was the lousiest one HAHA. We starting eating at 12pm and within 5 hours we were at our last stop!
So after some mindless driving and not knowing where to go cos all of us were almost drifting into food coma, we finally reached taman sentosa where shagar and jasper insisted we should go. Apparently there was this nice bamboo chicken thingy and another bakkut teh LOL.

So we ended up at the tze char store for the herbal chicken first!

ok no photos of it unwrapped cos once it came it was devoured. the sauce was DAMN GOOD ZOMG super gao and the chicken mad softtt.

the hotplate tofu too. didnt manage to get a photo in time. LOL


After this, we decided that since we were so near the bak kut teh place might as well give it a try. LOL. very siao. 2 bak kut teh stores in a day.

This bak kut teh was the clear one, but it didnt taste like bak kut teh to me! not peppery either. idk how to describe the taste :/ BUT i absolutely dig the wine chicken thing. DAMN NICE. Must try!!!!!!

LOL at the end of our last meal it was barely 6. and we headed back to singapore! :D fat and satisfied


and johnhao the model driver! yay!

Oh man we need these kinda trips occasionally to escape from the pressure from schoolwork :D

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  1. awhh!! even i'm a malaysian, i haven't been to JB yet!!


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