Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eastern Europe Travelogue: Day 4 - Budapest, Hungary

Okay I am determined to finish blogging bout the Europe trip!! so here goes.

We spent another day in Budapest! awesome place.
The next morning we headed to this great Hungarian Plains (Puzta), where they had shows for hungarian cowboys. Ok I remember all these details from a flyer from Dynasty travel haha!
The plains:


Dog on the plains. Omg this dog is soooooooooo furry we can even barely see its eyes. Its like a mop of fur.

Part of the show! They're able to make this gunshot sound with their whips. DAMN LOUD.

Sigh they really have alot of land~

Cute donkey!

Went to a small hungarian restaurant for lunch! super cosy+homely

No idea what the name means!!!!

Hungarian goulash soup!! it was sooo good, when my mum came back to sg she went to find the recipe ^^ 

Pork cutlet or smth. super nice!!

Oh ya and as usual there was a band playing music at the restaurant! they played pretty well so my dad bought their cd for 10 euros :)

Singaporeans as usual, kiasu ask for signature HAHA

The musicians!!

Im not sure what dessert this is, but its SUPER YUMZ OMG its just like flour and syrup or smth but tastes good!!

After lunch, we went back to the city for city tour!

Awesome city view:

Anyway, alot of these cities have an old town and a new town. The old town is more traditional? and showcases more of their culture etc, whereas new town is more like downtown and shopping.

Yet another church! St matthias church i believe.

This pastry horn thing is quite nice!! y sg no have :(

Paprika!! which is chilli. hahha. its used to make their goulash too :)

Also, it was the first time seeing clear skies in europe since the start of our trip! other days were just rainy and gloomy :(

Really breathtaking interior of the church

Oh this is another church too! St Stephen's Basilica. Europe's churches are so grand :O

love this shot hee hee.

We then went to millennium monument in Heroes' square!

I climbed up the monument :O
Not sure if it was allowed but there were many kids climbing around so i decided to try too hee hee.

For dinner, we went to a tavern, also known as Csarda, for dinner! its like gypsy-ish. the place was dark so I couldn't take nice photos :( 

Almost halfway through the post!

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