Friday, October 12, 2012

Eastern Europe Travelogue: Day 3 - Budapest, Hungary

Haha I realised that I stopped my europe documentation on day 2 =.=

Day Threeeeeee!

Breakfast at schonbrunn park hotel was so awesome. lovely ambience + lovely food!!!

The spread of food was BAM. Just kept eating and eating like a pig hahaha.
After breakfast we left vienna for Budapest, hungary!!

Hungary is such a beautiful place~

The train station where IRIS was filmed. excited!

Went to this street called Vaci Utca, Budapest's famed shopping street.

Street artists again!!

We got bored of shopping (didn't buy anything...HAHA) and settled down at a cafe for food.

Some hungarian crepe dessert which was SUPER YUMZ

We had our dinner at Matyas Pince. There were other singaporeans there too!

Made pretty interior

I love woody furniture!

Dinner! which was some hungarian cuisine. The dessert was really nice but TOO BIG everyone was damn full by then. I finished the whole thing though.
After dinner we headed for a cruise along the river!

This was the sky at 8.30pm. omgosh. 

Prettiest architecture in Budapest

The sun setting!

Not bad this photo looks like a postacard HAHA

The parliament building at night. SO PRETTZ. I really love it.

Ok I must have the motivation to blog finish!!

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  1. the food looks so good - especially when I'm hungry ahha :')
    I'd love to travel to Europe one day, it seems amazing!


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