Saturday, October 06, 2012

Taobao Haul Again!

I really ought to stop shopping.
But this time I helped the other emixers bought stuff too so its good karma ^^
Taobao is a really awesome website! everyone can find something to buy from there. ahah. 

This time the whole parcel weighed 25kg :o Because we bought like 14 pairs of shoes and 9 sweatpants. Thankfully singpost granted me a redelivery otherwise i definitely would not have been able to lug it home from the post office D:

Filled to the brim!!

Studs for the DIY girls :)

Pile of shoes. There's thomas' awesome midnight blue shoes peeking out from the left. And they're only 41 bucks?? mega cheap. and alot of black and white shoes cos those are the colours we use

Labelled individully!

Neatly stacked up!

The stuffs i bought, which were mostly true to pic!! Happiness.

new snapbacks!! couldnt find much nice designs though.

Multi-layered bangle. Was hoping that it was more mintish in colour but it was bluish :( nvm!

Another plain denim shirt. not sure if i should stud it or??

 TOPS TOPS TOPS! finally a raglan tee :) 

Knitwear! Seriously treating singapore as though theres autumn but in fact its summer everyday =.=
the pattern so nice! but kena cheated by the colour AGAIN. wasnt so green in the stock photo :(
But loving the one on the right! :)

Pants! must stop wearing denim shorts everyday :(( love getting pants from one of the taobao shops, their quality + fitting v nice!!

Le 10 bucks Supra shoes. Wonder how long they will last!! 
I'm becoming at expert at this man, my shoes always fit nowadays :3

More accessories!!!!!!!!! 
Honestly I don't even know why i bought them cos i rarely bother to wear accessories. Oh well must start wearing.
Also thinking of creative ways to store/display them! 

The Haul

Have a soft spot for charm necklaces 

LOL reminds me of esplanade!!!!!!!!!

Chunky Necklaces!

Bought this cos i thought it looked pretty unique!! like claws? jaws? and the details~~

Zomg can see my pores LOL. diamante bracelets :)

I stud basically everything around me LOL this has gotta stop.
Anyway see those colourful studs? I chanced on them by accident! never knew they existed D: much more expensive than plain studs but so pretty!!


Marble effect too!! love thisssss
Not sure what I should use them on though :/

Okay now to showcase some of my favourite items in the haul!

denim overalls which i had been yearning for since foreverrrrrr
And I'm so glad that it fits perfectly! :D cost only around $20 including shipping

Yet another baseball jacket! the emix jacket is too big and my other one is kinda stiff. this was just perfect :D soft and fitting. and the colour is very muted, makes the jacket look like vintagey and old~

Checkered shirt! this was more of an impulse buy but i love it now!! material is thin enough for singapore weather and to dance in!

Chiffon sleeve denim shirt. have been wanting smth like that for v long. but blogshop ones are so common!!

Impulse buy #2. Bought cos i saw the prints and thought it was nice. but i was expecting it to be like thicker hoodie material. and was pretty disppointed cos the material is actually mad thin :( guess have to use for layeing!

And a new backpack :) cost around 20+ bucks but the material is super good! with v detailed inner compartments too. yay!

Awesomeness! ;) taobao nv fails to tempt me everyday.... sigh. now i feel like buying more stuff :(


  1. I love the chiffon sleeved denim shirt!!!!!! <3 <3


  2. Taobao is so bad for the wallet!! Every time I go on there I always end up buying a bunch of things, and that is usually from just 1 or 2 stores. I love the chiffon sleeve denim shirt!



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