Saturday, December 01, 2012

Kiseki Japanese Buffet @ Orchard Central

Went to Kiseki Japanese Buffet at the start of study week hehheh
Its located at 8th floor of orchard central! pretty ulu. Nevertheless, its extremely popular and there was already a queue when i reached there at like 11.30am :O

Was pretty busy eating so didn't take tons of photos.. heh shall let photos do the talking

Honestly the spread wasn't that great.. I guess it was because we went during lunch. The fried stuff was soso, ebi was terribly small!
They had western food, like pasta and pizza, but didn't really try those. After all, you usually avoid carbs during a buffet!
The only thing i liked was the salmon sashimi. SUPER FAT PIECES! of cos the quality wasn't damn good, but its quite decent already. I would just go specially for that and eat like 10 plates hahaha.

Cost us ~$23 per pax! I won't go back unless i have a craving.. haha
still think momiji was more worth it, but it has moved so far away :( oh well!

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