Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 to 2013

2012 was a year that started off badly but ended on a good note :)

Snippets of the year:

1. Had a realllyyyyy bad Y1 Sem 2. haha.
2. Kraftfunk got into finals for SDD! :)  omg it happened so long ago it feels like it was in 2011 or smth
3. Back to back performances! Artisan, SDD, Convoc, orientation, SUAD, O school recital!
4. 1st Runner-up for WAR with yanling :)) but since then i've lost the feel again. ugh. searching searching it back.
5. TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL! Had awesome trips to taiwan, krabi, eastern europe, batam etc. Am thankful for the opportunities to set feet in these countries :)
6. Arts camp and bondue camp! first and last time being a faci haha its tiring work okay!!!
7. Dyed my hair crazy colours. was turquoise and it faded to algae green. and now its burgundy.
8. Joined SMU Funk Movement by random chance after meeting the rest at tri-uni funk battle! absolutely loving the passionate and growing young dancers over here :)
9. Y2 Sem 1 was a tough tough sem, but thankful for my good project groups, we pulled through it!! also had wonderful friends who helped me in catching up with the syllabus, sending me practice qns etc. Shoutouts to flo, jared, gene, chris & especially cass (we had 3 mods together!! haha) for all their help :) Thanks guys :)

10. Team Mormation

Honestly the best thing that happend to me this year. Getting into anan's recital item (finally!!!!!) and meeting the awesome dancers in it. Its an experience that i would never never ever trade it for something else. Its really amazing how we can still click and joke around so well when all of us are from different occupations, different ages etc. Really enjoyed every second of their company. Havent felt like this after I left MAD. Super treasure our special friendships and hope we continue to meet up for random meals etc! :)

In 2012, I became distant from people, got closer to others, but life moves on! Also a year whereby I am glad that i've chosen to stay in Singapore, because i can be close to my loved ones.

Not gonna set resolutions for 2013 since I wont follow them anyway haha. but some personal reminders for the start of the year:

1. Get my health problems checked. too many problems have surfaced during 2012, I just hope 2013 will be a healthy year.
2. Save more money for exchange. Looking forward to going on exchange in the 2nd half of the year, really hope my application to korea will be successful!

Hope 2013 will be kind :)

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