Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Lanzhou La Mian @ Smith Street

Went to Lan Zhou La Mian yesterday, and I think this will be the last time we're going in quite a while.

Found this place when Mao, a Japanese friend, visited Singapore few years back and requested to go to this place. Apparently the shop was featured in a Japanese guidebook for Singapore, hence there are many Japanese tourists day in and day out.

I used to like to come here till around last year, when the prices increased and the standards dropped :(

Interior is pretty old and dingy

Ordered my usual, the Minced Pork/ Zha Jiang La Mian ($5.80). It increased by $1 :O and the serving is getting smaller and smaller, now its barely enough for 3 big mouthfuls. :( maybe Japanese have really small appetites, hence they decreased the serving?

SH tried the Hokkien Mee ($5.80), which was basically Hokkien Mee with la mian... Really pricey as the serving was way too puny. 

Guo Tie ($7.80)
Usually I order xiao long bao, but because it increased in price as well, decided to try the guo tie. and Meh. It wasn't nice at all! quite oily and not even crispy. just tasted like.. dried wanton. Sweechoon's one is even better than this. Wouldn't recommend anyone to order this!

Really quite sad that the standards of this place have been dropping as it used to be my favourite la mian/ xiao long bao place! :( but really, now quality doesn't justify the price anymore

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  1. Such a shame the food is no longer as nice - has the management or chef changed?
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo


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