Friday, January 11, 2013

Fatboy's The Burger Bar

Went to Fatboy's, The Burger Bar last week before school term started!
It was our 2nd attempt going there as the first time we went it was closed =.=
Take note that they are only open from 4pm on most weekdays!

Went to the thomson branch. Its a small, non-airconditioned place just beside the road. 

Completely empty when we went!! and it was a friday afternoon.

Their tables are all long, like the benches kind, so I guess its rather big-group-friendly!

Fatboy's offers a range of burgers, and they also allow you to make your own! you can choose what type of bread, what cheese, the toppings, etc. But being lazy, we just went ahead with the preexisting ones.

I forgot the name, but this was the 1-patty version of Fat Bastard. Theres bacon, cheddar cheese, egg, with BBQ sauce! You can choose what kind of patty you want, this was lamb!

I ordered the Swiss Shroom, it had a beef patty, shitake mushrooms, swiss cheese, and wholemeal bun. I loveeee the wholemeal bun! But I dont fancy shitake mushrooms in a burger. taste kinda weird.

Sorry for the gross pic, just trying to show whats in the burger haha! the beef patty is really thick, almost 2cm i would say. and it was done to PERFECTION. its juicy. I cannot stand dry patties that crumble once you cut them. and the FRIES. you have to salt them yourself. haha. 

Overall its quite a good place to go for gourmet burgers! would say that the quality is worth the price. kind of stopped eating fastfood burgers now since they're not THAT cheap yet are of lousy quality. I'd rather pay a few dollars more for a bigger and better burger! 

So now my favourite proper burger places are Handburger and this! :)

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  1. oh my god. i want that burger sooooo bad.


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