Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dinner at Tony Roma's

On Saturday my parents brought me to Tony Roma's for an early birthday dinner!
Havent been there in a long time. Had to queue for about 10-15 mins before we were led in, even though there were empty tables to start with! we speculated that they were trying to create a queue =.=

Free bread & butter

Their mushroom soup! I like to sample mushroom soups from all the restaurants. This was very smooth and rich. But I still prefer the kind of coarsely grated mushroom soup. and I have no idea why they gave meiji biscuits cos it didnt really blend in with the soup/

Ordered this appetizer platter thing, which came with potato skin, chicken wings and cheese sticks! potato skin was topped with loads of cheese and bacon bits. I shall learn to make this soon. & loved the cheese sticks filled with mozzarella cheese~~

Dad ordered this salad thing (i can't remember the name) and boy it was good. chunks of juicy grilled chicken and loads of cheese (blue cheese)!! I rarely eat salads but I could take this one.

and of cos, the main course - St louis ribs with bourbon bbq sauce!
Didn't really like the sauce though, too much onion and garlic, still prefer carolina honey! But their baked potato is TO DIE FOR~ it literally melts in your mouth with butter fragrance. Couldn't get enough of it.

We ordered a full slab and in the end we couldnt even finish it (As always) so we brought the remaining pieces home hahaha.

Maybe I should try their steak in future!

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  1. All this food looks so delish! Happy early birthday!



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