Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Le Princesse Gelish Manicure!

So yesterday I went to this little nail parlour in prinsep street to do my nails.
The parlour's called Le Princesse, a quiet little place. The manicurist was pretty friendly and meticulous too!
Anyway it was my first time doing gelish (woes of a poor student) and apparently she had to buff the nail slightly or else the gelish won't stick.

And I love it! its so glossy and shiny. I can never achieve this with my normal nail polishes. It'll just start to chip within a day =.=

 Barbie Pink. It didn't look so pinkish from the bottle!

Applied a topcoat of China Glaze White Cap over it since the manicurist said I can remove it and the gloss will still be there heh! 

Okay back to studying.


  1. ooh that colour is so nice and versatile, will definitely try it! :D

    1. yup it's so feminine too! but it fades after a few days, now mine's more like a dusty pink colour!


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