Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spruce @ Phoenix Park

Went to Spruce for another birthday dinner last Sunday!

Spruce is located at Phoenix Park, in a quiet corner off Tanglin.

The whole place was quite quiet and deserted.

Spruce offers both outdoor and indoor dining, we sat inside. I would say choose indoor if you want some quiet, chill ambience. Outdoors was pretty noisy as there were large groups of people contributing to the noise level.
Pretty interior and not a single soul except us! muaha! 

We first ordered Mac &Cheese ($9) - basically macaroni and cheese! The cheese was awesome.

Look at that cheese. I can barely see the macaroni.

This is Orecchiette served with chopped Sea Prawn in zucchini and garlic cream ($22). Some people might be turned off by green coloured stuff but this is really good. The sauce was, well, garlic-y but it was a good change from the conventional - tomato based/cream based sauces.

and this was mine - Freshly made Pappardelle served with Braised Duck in red wine sauce ($22)
Don't quite fancy this kinda of pasta (reminds me of ban mian) but the sauce had just the right amount of red wine - too good! and I was expecting the duck to come in slices, but it came in.. shreds? Nevertheless the portion of duck was quite generous! Super filling.

Service was alright. We were the only people sitting inside, so the waiter kept refilling out water haha! It was still relatively empty when we left at about 7, maybe because it was a Sunday? Definitely want to go back again! Esp to try their desserts and the famed Spruce burger!

Check out Spruce's opening hours and their brunch/lunch/dinner menus here!

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  1. MUST try their signature steak benny. TO DIE FOR <3 -bj


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