Friday, April 06, 2012

Gmarket Haul

Okay so I admit I have this addiction to gmarket. the stuff sold there are really good and value for money! any fellow gmarket addicts out there? how to stop how to stop.

Placed an order with gmarket and received it sometime in february but only had time to blog about it now haha. woes of a student.
bought quite a few stuff this time, mostly necessities aha so I don't fee guilty
This whole order cost around $200 zomg ok I need to stop.

One of the boxy tops I got from one of my favourite shops in gmarket
only 6900won!

A whole bunch of nail art stuff from here
The nail tips are so pretty! but no idea how to use them lol.

Bought some stuff for formal wear!

Formal blouse for bout $20. but the material is really nice! wore it for presentations this week, so much more interesting than the standard white black formal attire.

And a formal skirt for bout 20+ too! loved the material plus it was cheaper than blogshop prices.
 whats with my obsession for blue coloured stuffs haha.

Bought a red swing skirt from the same shop. hope I don't see the same thing in bugis LOL

and not forgetting, dance necessities!

 2 new pants cause my current black harems are like about to tear any moment.
Plain black sweats from this store, 8900 won!
Patterned from here, its more cream white-ish

 Loving the prints~ and the material is super comfy. awesome buy

and my new pair of shoes! decided that I should get a black based one since my current ones are all white. and the metallic gold was too hard to resist. so far ALL of my dance shoes except for my chucks are from gmarket! I don't believe in paying for those branded ones.
This pair is dam expensive though, close to $60?

also, came across this shop selling coloured contacts for dirt cheap. less than $10? and the seller gave a free contact lens case and 1 bottle of solution. sounds like a scam but its not!
but the thing is I realised it doesn't come with degree, so not much of a point wearing. If anyone wants it just buzz me.

already seeing some new summer designs in my favourite shops and I'm so tempted to get them.... argh.. Which are your favourite shops and what do you buy from gmarket?

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