Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer DIY Ideas

I was writing out my summer schedule, and I realised I'm gonna spend about 1 month in total overseas, and another 2 weeks in freshmen camps. Gonna be faci for Bondue camp and Arts camp! woo. The SMU trick is to be completely shameless and thick-skinned. Or rather, its a requirement haha.

As for the remaining scattered weeks here and there, I've decided I'm gonna pick up my crafty scissors once again. Recently there has been a whole lot of crafty fashion ideas lying around on the internet, and I'm gonna attempt some of them muahaha check out my hidden talent.

1. Detachable collars

Blogshops selling all these collars for close to $20 and I'm like SCAMMERS. its just a piece of cloth. Hence I shall make my own. They're so cute, but I highly doubt I'll every wear them out.

2. Tie Dye

Tie-dye is such a complicated process. but I really love the effects, like those above. 

3. Knot Fringe 

SIMPLE. I like. and gives off the tribal/bohemian feel that is currently in fashion now.

4. Cut out

Cut out designs are IN! and I figured if the cut out designs are simple enough (like triangles) I should just do it on my own.

I have loads of unwanted clothing lying around just nice for experimentation haha!

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