Sunday, November 06, 2011

the aftermath

Im dam hungry now.

okay so yesterday was crazy. I had waackin (NO G?? D:) recital prac from 4 plus ish to 7 plus ish then me and bryan flew down to smu for emix waackin prac that lasted till.. 10? we two lika shag! concludes that my stamina is lousy. and bryan kept coughing omg hopes he goes to see a doctor soon!!!

and he taught new choreos for both yesterday so my brain is like trying its best to process all the different choreos (doesn't help that some moves are the same! D: muscle memory also screwed up) BUT MEGA LOVING EM~~ loving the emix one a lil bit more (cos its easier and no freaking turns muahahaha okay no I must master how to spin in heels!!!). love the song! okay hope I still can recall it next sat. hehheh dam eggcited for the item :) can't wait to source for costumes!

Needs to get into the writing zone for aw. roar.

finally created a post to sell some of the stuff that i will never wear:
SALE POST kind souls please check it out!!