Wednesday, November 02, 2011

mad disappointed

Can't say I'm not.

Only got into waacking.. raar. I really really really wanted to get into a hiphop item this round, having not done proper hiphop since I dunno when. (transcendance? -.- ) But guess I'm simply just not good enough. Almost wanted to pull out of the entire concert (doing 1 item our of 3090254 items is like, hur? Gonna waste dam lot of time stoning during rehearsals what's the point) but I shan't since Bryan's costume in mind seems nice and he's nice (outside of pracs hahh). I'll probably get scolded 102901 times in each training though bahhh.

Not easy to get over the disappointment but I shall work hard and master the art of waacking in 3 inch heels by January. Omg painfulll.