Friday, November 11, 2011


Yay lessons officially over. cept for biz law on saturday but thats alright.
and thankfully after 8 hours of sleep, I've recovered from my horrible headache yesterday roar.
But now that lessons have ended, it feels kinda weird cause I won't be seeing my classmates esp AW ones until next year. oh and sidetrack - joe's going back to korea for 1 month so lucky!!!. Okay and joanne's going there for holiday too bleh i also wanna go there, esp after watching WGM muahaha. why am I going thailand where all the floods are??? Seriously if I don't get to go Bangkok I'll be so dam pissed off!!

Ahhh today shall be spent watching my favourite Khuntoria couple as usual. 22 episodes down already!!!

too cuteee
Anyway these kpop stars keep spamming polaroids like free one, makes me feel like I'm underutilising mine!

Tomorrow's another crazy day with tuition then blaw class then rehearsals. Omg my arms are still aching from Tuesday's practice.