Friday, November 04, 2011


I realised that I always post on Fridays. teehee. Well its my off day after all! and this weekend's gonna be a long weekend since Monday is also a public holiday!! whee.

Went to Clementi Mall for lunch at Ootoya! really awesome Japanese restaurant with authentic dishes. Yumyum. Forgot to take photos of the main dishes though.
Even though me and my mum were dam full after the meal, we still ordered dessert muahaha.

Okay I forgot the name of this but its really nice!
Its made of Green Tea icecream, a generous heap of azuki, whipped cream in the middle, and at the bottom is some cake thingy with soyabeanmilkcurd?? texture is like tauhuay, but its meant to be eaten like pudding (theres gula melaka syrup at the bottom!)

Super awesome and only 6 bucks :D woohoo! hidden treasure. totally pwns MOF.

Okay then I went to thread my eyebrows but the person thread too much now they're too thin :( sad! faster grow out pls.

Sigh gotta start working on my research paper..