Monday, November 14, 2011

slack monday

Teehee went back to HC to crash the grandjuniors' prac with ja. yes i really feel dam old. saw the a levels kids poor things but tbh i rather take their papers for them than do smu's hideous meaningless projects etc. -.-

anyway ANAN IS FINALLY BACKK awesome she's too high level already. all the moves she taught like nobody can get it LOL. the good thing about sch pracs is that she'll go around correcting our mistakes yeah! open class no time only teach choreo T.T
feels good to be dancing to hiphop music haha~ during revision week nonetheless.

Finally managed to book the air ticket this morning, screw budget airlines, seriously. -.- Ugh if only I were rich.

ah tomorrow I shall try to be a full time mugger... then waacking again. roars 2 more weeks hwaiting!!