Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy Holiday!

Seems like everyone else is in school smugging/doing project etc. I must be the only one who is slacking away my public holiday. 

Oh well at least I redid my Blaw remedies notes today. roar blaw notes take a terribly long time to compile!! and I cleared away all my JC stuff :'/ feels like I've thrown away 2 years of my life. All the memories of chionging tutorials and all those random scribblings on my notes during lectures.. what a waste. Oh well guess its time to dump em out. 

Went to vivo with the parents ytd. Dam crowded esp with foreign workers who were heading to the casino. And for once I bought something in reality!! Yay a traveller's pouch!

It was part of some artsy exhibition and apparently this was made by impoverished women, so I'm helping to give them a lifeline (okay the brochure said this.)

It doesn't look like its worth $22, I'd prolly find it for cheaper overseas but its okay for charity!!

Gonna bring it to thailand and dump my passport etc inside :D

Long day at school tomorrow. BLEH. and I haven't completed half of my research paper kill meeeee.