Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday was a long day.

Went for Emix orientation. For some reason I pretty stoned the whole day sorry to my group!! Maybe because it feels so different to be in such a large cca as compared to our small group of mad hoppers and pinghui was in another og. (I still vaguely remember our orientation in J1... gross!) Or perhaps I was really just sian of the games and all that ice breaking. Anyway I think the people in my group and the seniors are really nice! But sadly I had to leave early for waacking so no idea what happened in the end!

Waacking prac was productive haha! Know the steps better now.. hope I won't forget by next prac :/

Headed for MAF with shiki after prac. Feels so heartwarming to be back in hwachong, all that familiar scenes, canteen, central plaza, class benches, stage, classrooms... but with rather unfamiliar faces. Didn't see many of my batchmates :( The whole school was filled with mainly seniors haha. there was even a couple with their kid (: 
Met up with qilingrs! and we went to kope mooncakes from reading room. I never knew they gave out free mooncakes and snacks for alumni!!!! anyway it was good, cos I hadnt had dinner haha! we crashed a208 and it was such a nostalgic feeling... totally missed the times when we went for lessons late together and stuff :(

awesome attendance! (:

went to RUA to find the dancers after cd vacated. absolutely miss that place! a bulk of my hc memories are stored in rua. still remember our first prac with anan, ja jamming his hand into the fan (that was too epic), the times we suffered tog doing horrible warmups, illegal entry, flies, birthday celebrations, freestyles etc. and its bigger than the dml in smu where we had emix prac. omg la. and matthew seriously needs to download some new songs all those dancenight songs were playing and I just couldn't help but feel even more sad.

siau and I were recapping anan's choreo and attempting to teach jiale but failed terribly. and the bboys started a cypher that took up most of the space -.- roar! so after a while us girls decided to just move to stage to talk.

can we go back to the times when we had RUA all to the 15 of us :( 

jiale is flying off soon :( everyone is leavinggg. we left at 11+ just in time to catch the last few buses home. the guys stayed back to dance, guess they're too deprived in army haha! nice htht/gossip session with siau on the way back, i am totally clueless about whats happening to other hc girls cos im in smu, away from everyone :(

anyway we took another set of photos to compare it with the ones we took during inspire in 2009

(oh my long hair~)

 maf 2011

omg too retarded la HAHA. and daryll and wangchi and sica looks EXACTLY THE SAME. gosh.

mad hiphop :D with a few MIA peabos

Its really only after you graduated then you realise the significance of MAF haha. so glad that hwachong has this tradition since like forever. hearing those emo songs during sodache make me so sad :( I always liked the songs. reminders of all the good times with my 2 awesome groups of friends. It was a wonderful two years, regardless of all the good or bad things that happened. I wish i could store my memories in a time capsule or something.

Pity we can't turn back time to go back to those days.