Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love wed evenings! cos Thursdays are the last days of school (though busiest) for me wahaha.

Was raining so heavy just now, got entirely drenched + traffic jam :(

Been so shag recently with all the assignments and shit, more to come. roar. Haven't met up with zonda/bondue group this week cos of the hecticness. Really feels like I have no friends in SMU sia sigh.
and I never ever ponned hip hop pracs in MAD last time... but now pon-ning emix like nothing LOL. I guess its just the company, or rather, no company here o.o and apparently I only have 4 chances left before they kick me out for good. okay la I shall try to drag myself there on saturday for attendance.

Oh well gonna meet sarah back at high school tomorrow for cheap and good food ♥ 

Listening to davichi's songs again. dam niceeee.