Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Time to take a short breather before the hectic period starts.

So I've checked my timetables, from next week week 5 till around week 11, Im gonna have essays/tests/presentations/stuff due at least 2 things for separate mods due EACH week. crazy. seems like my mid term break's just gna be spent on chionging reports for ltb and aw...
And then around 1 week to rest before finals.. the weeks seem to fly man!!

Anyway I seem to be killing myself by upping the frequency of tuitions for my students who are having their EOYS soon. so I'll have to deal with my own studies and THEIR studies. No good. But I need the money and I believe I can do this YEAH. around 4 more weeks for them as well.

(And I'll be done with everything before the juniors are done with their A levels! wow crazy jam-packed hiongness of university)

Basically from tomorrow... no more free time!! haha. out whole day tomorrow, friday as well, saturday is the killer with 4 events to go to in one single day. Tuition; Emix orientation; Waacking pac; MAF. and i'm already either going late/leaving early for every single one of them haha! 24 hours not enough ahh. Really looking forward to MAF I miss hc and all the people!!

Really HATE squeezing with others in the mrt in the mornings. Annoying. plus my laptop is so heavy. UGH.