Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of another week, but no tgif cause i don't have weekends to chill off.

Today's a non-school day but i still had to go back since morning for ltb meeting for quite a few hours. Hate how project meetings in SMU are so unproductive, mainly cos its an unfamiliar topic and the rubrics/guidelines are so vague or non-existent we don't even know what is expected of us. Seriously.

Well at least eye meetings were beneficial, went for forex followed by ARM and I learnt so many new things! This should be how school is like, learning something useful and interesting. roar. Wanna start trading soon but no time no discipline :(

My weekends are non-existent la. tuitions and cca and dance. where got time to study :/

and Hell starts from next week. schoolwork, beloved friends leaving... sigh.