Sunday, September 04, 2011

So tomorrow is another wonderful start to a new school week. I realized that I always spend my sundays trying to figure out biz law -.- I still have no idea what the main point of privity is about. 
And school just got a lot suckier cos our prof just emailed us with two presentations that we are supposed to complete for this mod. UGH. dislikes.

Trying to compile notes for biz law but failing terribly. I've been bloghopping (NOT blogshopping heh) and looking at pretty stuff as usual. 


Awesome looks for school, and majorly heart-ing those sweaters!! Super envy this girl, staying in an awesome place with awesome weather and awesome scenery. As well as a awesome wardrobe. I need to expand my vocabulary D:
Time to add a mustard cardi to my closet!!

Been feeling a pinch on my wallet ever since I entered SMU. Food is expensive much and bleh to transport. I've been wanting to give up my tuitions but can't cos I still need to save money for ocsp and diving trips T.T Oh well.

Back to BLAW.