Tuesday, September 13, 2011

omg school sucks.

wk 6 - BLAW mini presentation, LTB case presentation, Stats 2 submission
wk 7 -  BLAW, Stats Midterms, UOE Quiz, Research paper intro submission
wk 9 - AW Oral presentation, BLAW presentation, LTB Quiz and Essay test, AS Midterms
wk 10 - Stats 3 submission, AS Presentation,
wk 11 - Writing conference, LTB Report, LTB Presentation
wk 13 - Research paper submission

omg not even including all the daily hw such as readings for BLAW and ltb and especially all the lame hw for AW. shit la summary and paraphrase due thurs -.- and OCSP datelines. omg. this is so much worse than A levels.

can't wait for thursday to come it signals the end of a horrible week and back to hwachong for zhajiangmian!!

gonna do my ltb readings now bye.