Friday, September 09, 2011

I just followed a new blog, her photos are AMAZING.

wonder how people do post processing until so swee. hmm


HOODSSS. esp knitted ones.
and looking at her photos makes me wanna paint my nails jade again. roar.

maybe I should learn some proper photography skills haha! 

Anyway, tuition tomorrow cancelled, sigh of relief haha! at least not so hectic now but still have to report at SOE at 9.30am T.T

Im really missing everything about hwachong like crazy. all the people, tutors, food, etc.
4 weeks into uni life but it still feels so empty :( like friendless even though there're friends. Just a different kind of friendship i guess. Unlike in JC, no matter when where what, there's always classmates around to joke with, eat lunch with, chiong hw with...etc. Doesn't help that there're so little hwachies in smu in the first place.

forever alone D:


and I went for Anan's last open class for the next 2 months just now. Awesome dope choreo!! Gonna miss her :( but its kay she'll come back even cuter and doper :D