Thursday, September 22, 2011

end of another week

aw is seriously irritating me ALOT.

i'm cranky all day cos i can't seem to do the stupid assignment. hate researching for stuff with so many limitations.

anyway had a nice lunch with pinghui today at glassroom. its like the first time im eating lunch with someone this week LOL antisocial much but it is really difficult to find people to lunch with. and we're going back to hc next thurs again after all the annoying midterms and aw assignments are over. hopefully the security guard will be kind and maybe i should wear a hc tee. can't wait! (:

the weather these days are wonderfully sunless (cold wind ftw!) but not good for health i feel like im gonna fall sick anytime.

I like that the days are flying by december please come soon! chiangmai, bangkok, berboo, sleepovers, fun, fun, fun.