Monday, September 19, 2011

So I didn't do any work over the weekend oops.

Sat was crazy tuition and dance pracs, my muscles are still aching till today :(

Yesterday was pretty good, went for my last tuition session then went for west mall for lunch before meeting xiu for ice-cream! Upp thomson is so foreign and far away! We were supposed to go to ice-cream chef, where jiale worked previously but I got off at the wrong stop so we went to salted caramel instead! Freaking awesome ice-cream there udders totally pales in comparison now~ Had salted caramel (of cos!), chocolate sorbet and earl grey. All the flavors were so tempting we wanted to have all :( Gotta go back soon!!

Am so excited for december to come!! Going to chiangmai for ocsp followed by shopping trip at Bangkok with a few others before coming back to sg (: Yay im finally going to bangkok!!!