Thursday, September 29, 2011

cakes and mooncakes

So I am almost done for the week, but I still have LTB project interview tomorrow and ocsp car wash on sunday and a whole jam packed day on saturday hence I can't really take any break yet.

 but anyway today was thursdays with pinghui again! because we wanted to get free koi given out by bondue, we abandoned our plan to go back hc for zhajiang mian and instead went to sunshine for thai food. Phad thai again! im gna be so sick of it during december.
Anyway in the end we didnt manage to get the koi, had to share 1 btw us because they ran out of it so fast! roarr i thought it would be unlimited hahaha or at least 100 right?? business school has so many people.

Some random FOODIE photos lying on my desktop:

 Cakes from Bonheur Patisserie at Duxton. Looks cute but nothing impressive, really. Too overpriced :(
Gotta go try the one at raffles city soon~

 Champagne White Chocolate Snowskin mooncake from Goodwood Park!
dam awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.

 Thats the white chocolate ball in the middle! totally infused with champagne too good too good but one small piece costs like $8 alr :(

tomorrow night my longest/oldest friend will be flying away :( i feel kinda sad now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finally done with assignment 2A!!!
my mind feels so much lighter now. haha! although i still have to do formatting + check for weird expressions + think of a title and running head tomorrow before the deadline, at least the bulk of it is done!!

Time for stats T.T

and my mum is so funny she keeps complaining about how she have to wash my clothes separately cos they're all of different colours. Okay so from next week onwards im gonna like wear the same colour tones for an entire week LOL

Monday, September 26, 2011

freaking annoyed with school with is wrong with stats why am i getting every single question wrong zzzz.
and aw deadlines aren't helping.
and biz law test today was like crap. got the wrong issue for like all the other questions except the first.

can i just drop out of school now. i want to join those lucky people in uk nownownow.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

end of another week

aw is seriously irritating me ALOT.

i'm cranky all day cos i can't seem to do the stupid assignment. hate researching for stuff with so many limitations.

anyway had a nice lunch with pinghui today at glassroom. its like the first time im eating lunch with someone this week LOL antisocial much but it is really difficult to find people to lunch with. and we're going back to hc next thurs again after all the annoying midterms and aw assignments are over. hopefully the security guard will be kind and maybe i should wear a hc tee. can't wait! (:

the weather these days are wonderfully sunless (cold wind ftw!) but not good for health i feel like im gonna fall sick anytime.

I like that the days are flying by december please come soon! chiangmai, bangkok, berboo, sleepovers, fun, fun, fun.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

everyone is flying!

I also wanna transfer out of smu :'/ ahh why didn't i choose to go overseas?? regrets.


Monday, September 19, 2011

So I didn't do any work over the weekend oops.

Sat was crazy tuition and dance pracs, my muscles are still aching till today :(

Yesterday was pretty good, went for my last tuition session then went for west mall for lunch before meeting xiu for ice-cream! Upp thomson is so foreign and far away! We were supposed to go to ice-cream chef, where jiale worked previously but I got off at the wrong stop so we went to salted caramel instead! Freaking awesome ice-cream there udders totally pales in comparison now~ Had salted caramel (of cos!), chocolate sorbet and earl grey. All the flavors were so tempting we wanted to have all :( Gotta go back soon!!

Am so excited for december to come!! Going to chiangmai for ocsp followed by shopping trip at Bangkok with a few others before coming back to sg (: Yay im finally going to bangkok!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of another week, but no tgif cause i don't have weekends to chill off.

Today's a non-school day but i still had to go back since morning for ltb meeting for quite a few hours. Hate how project meetings in SMU are so unproductive, mainly cos its an unfamiliar topic and the rubrics/guidelines are so vague or non-existent we don't even know what is expected of us. Seriously.

Well at least eye meetings were beneficial, went for forex followed by ARM and I learnt so many new things! This should be how school is like, learning something useful and interesting. roar. Wanna start trading soon but no time no discipline :(

My weekends are non-existent la. tuitions and cca and dance. where got time to study :/

and Hell starts from next week. schoolwork, beloved friends leaving... sigh.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love wed evenings! cos Thursdays are the last days of school (though busiest) for me wahaha.

Was raining so heavy just now, got entirely drenched + traffic jam :(

Been so shag recently with all the assignments and shit, more to come. roar. Haven't met up with zonda/bondue group this week cos of the hecticness. Really feels like I have no friends in SMU sia sigh.
and I never ever ponned hip hop pracs in MAD last time... but now pon-ning emix like nothing LOL. I guess its just the company, or rather, no company here o.o and apparently I only have 4 chances left before they kick me out for good. okay la I shall try to drag myself there on saturday for attendance.

Oh well gonna meet sarah back at high school tomorrow for cheap and good food ♥ 

Listening to davichi's songs again. dam niceeee.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

omg school sucks.

wk 6 - BLAW mini presentation, LTB case presentation, Stats 2 submission
wk 7 -  BLAW, Stats Midterms, UOE Quiz, Research paper intro submission
wk 9 - AW Oral presentation, BLAW presentation, LTB Quiz and Essay test, AS Midterms
wk 10 - Stats 3 submission, AS Presentation,
wk 11 - Writing conference, LTB Report, LTB Presentation
wk 13 - Research paper submission

omg not even including all the daily hw such as readings for BLAW and ltb and especially all the lame hw for AW. shit la summary and paraphrase due thurs -.- and OCSP datelines. omg. this is so much worse than A levels.

can't wait for thursday to come it signals the end of a horrible week and back to hwachong for zhajiangmian!!

gonna do my ltb readings now bye.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday was a long day.

Went for Emix orientation. For some reason I pretty stoned the whole day sorry to my group!! Maybe because it feels so different to be in such a large cca as compared to our small group of mad hoppers and pinghui was in another og. (I still vaguely remember our orientation in J1... gross!) Or perhaps I was really just sian of the games and all that ice breaking. Anyway I think the people in my group and the seniors are really nice! But sadly I had to leave early for waacking so no idea what happened in the end!

Waacking prac was productive haha! Know the steps better now.. hope I won't forget by next prac :/

Headed for MAF with shiki after prac. Feels so heartwarming to be back in hwachong, all that familiar scenes, canteen, central plaza, class benches, stage, classrooms... but with rather unfamiliar faces. Didn't see many of my batchmates :( The whole school was filled with mainly seniors haha. there was even a couple with their kid (: 
Met up with qilingrs! and we went to kope mooncakes from reading room. I never knew they gave out free mooncakes and snacks for alumni!!!! anyway it was good, cos I hadnt had dinner haha! we crashed a208 and it was such a nostalgic feeling... totally missed the times when we went for lessons late together and stuff :(

awesome attendance! (:

went to RUA to find the dancers after cd vacated. absolutely miss that place! a bulk of my hc memories are stored in rua. still remember our first prac with anan, ja jamming his hand into the fan (that was too epic), the times we suffered tog doing horrible warmups, illegal entry, flies, birthday celebrations, freestyles etc. and its bigger than the dml in smu where we had emix prac. omg la. and matthew seriously needs to download some new songs all those dancenight songs were playing and I just couldn't help but feel even more sad.

siau and I were recapping anan's choreo and attempting to teach jiale but failed terribly. and the bboys started a cypher that took up most of the space -.- roar! so after a while us girls decided to just move to stage to talk.

can we go back to the times when we had RUA all to the 15 of us :( 

jiale is flying off soon :( everyone is leavinggg. we left at 11+ just in time to catch the last few buses home. the guys stayed back to dance, guess they're too deprived in army haha! nice htht/gossip session with siau on the way back, i am totally clueless about whats happening to other hc girls cos im in smu, away from everyone :(

anyway we took another set of photos to compare it with the ones we took during inspire in 2009

(oh my long hair~)

 maf 2011

omg too retarded la HAHA. and daryll and wangchi and sica looks EXACTLY THE SAME. gosh.

mad hiphop :D with a few MIA peabos

Its really only after you graduated then you realise the significance of MAF haha. so glad that hwachong has this tradition since like forever. hearing those emo songs during sodache make me so sad :( I always liked the songs. reminders of all the good times with my 2 awesome groups of friends. It was a wonderful two years, regardless of all the good or bad things that happened. I wish i could store my memories in a time capsule or something.

Pity we can't turn back time to go back to those days.


I absolutely lovee hwachong to the moon and back.

Friday, September 09, 2011

I just followed a new blog, her photos are AMAZING.

wonder how people do post processing until so swee. hmm


HOODSSS. esp knitted ones.
and looking at her photos makes me wanna paint my nails jade again. roar.

maybe I should learn some proper photography skills haha! 

Anyway, tuition tomorrow cancelled, sigh of relief haha! at least not so hectic now but still have to report at SOE at 9.30am T.T

Im really missing everything about hwachong like crazy. all the people, tutors, food, etc.
4 weeks into uni life but it still feels so empty :( like friendless even though there're friends. Just a different kind of friendship i guess. Unlike in JC, no matter when where what, there's always classmates around to joke with, eat lunch with, chiong hw with...etc. Doesn't help that there're so little hwachies in smu in the first place.

forever alone D:


and I went for Anan's last open class for the next 2 months just now. Awesome dope choreo!! Gonna miss her :( but its kay she'll come back even cuter and doper :D

its friday, friday...

Woo hoo! its friday!

Am very excited now cos i'll be going for sushi tei for lunch later, yumyum! then meeting siau in the evening to go for Anan's class. Yay! I feel very happy when i'm doing a hip hop choreo, or just listening to hip hop music. (autocorrect keeps correcting my hip hop to hippo -.-) GROOVEEE~

Such a different feeling from waacking, but its okay i still like waacking too :)

Okay but first I must tackle and submit my AW critique writing, which i have to rewrite cos my focus was totally off -.- UGH.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Time to take a short breather before the hectic period starts.

So I've checked my timetables, from next week week 5 till around week 11, Im gonna have essays/tests/presentations/stuff due at least 2 things for separate mods due EACH week. crazy. seems like my mid term break's just gna be spent on chionging reports for ltb and aw...
And then around 1 week to rest before finals.. the weeks seem to fly man!!

Anyway I seem to be killing myself by upping the frequency of tuitions for my students who are having their EOYS soon. so I'll have to deal with my own studies and THEIR studies. No good. But I need the money and I believe I can do this YEAH. around 4 more weeks for them as well.

(And I'll be done with everything before the juniors are done with their A levels! wow crazy jam-packed hiongness of university)

Basically from tomorrow... no more free time!! haha. out whole day tomorrow, friday as well, saturday is the killer with 4 events to go to in one single day. Tuition; Emix orientation; Waacking pac; MAF. and i'm already either going late/leaving early for every single one of them haha! 24 hours not enough ahh. Really looking forward to MAF I miss hc and all the people!!

Really HATE squeezing with others in the mrt in the mornings. Annoying. plus my laptop is so heavy. UGH.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

So tomorrow is another wonderful start to a new school week. I realized that I always spend my sundays trying to figure out biz law -.- I still have no idea what the main point of privity is about. 
And school just got a lot suckier cos our prof just emailed us with two presentations that we are supposed to complete for this mod. UGH. dislikes.

Trying to compile notes for biz law but failing terribly. I've been bloghopping (NOT blogshopping heh) and looking at pretty stuff as usual. 


Awesome looks for school, and majorly heart-ing those sweaters!! Super envy this girl, staying in an awesome place with awesome weather and awesome scenery. As well as a awesome wardrobe. I need to expand my vocabulary D:
Time to add a mustard cardi to my closet!!

Been feeling a pinch on my wallet ever since I entered SMU. Food is expensive much and bleh to transport. I've been wanting to give up my tuitions but can't cos I still need to save money for ocsp and diving trips T.T Oh well.

Back to BLAW.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Woo hoo its finally friday again! Supposed to have no school on friday but Im still going back to school later. roar.

No more suntec pracs, but my days are packed all the same! D:

Bryan's party had loads of good fooddd! yumyum. But his house is too ulu ah all the way in the east :( his nephew is freaking cute though hahaha! aye must remember to take a photo of our polaroid. anyway anan was back from japan! and she curled her hair so she looked super feminine and cute!!

Wednesday was boring ltb! then went for muay thai with sam at night lydia and chris pangsehh! quite fun but the warmups were already super shag!! haha. oh well good experience. anyway yesterday and even today my leg muscles are still aching like shit -.-

Went to comex with xiu after lessons ytd! good thing about smu is the location haha can get to suntec in like 15 mins!! so convenient. anyway was super tempted to buy the olympus p1 it was only $500 with!!! but old model alr :( sigh but its super prettyy.. nvm shall wait for the price of p3 to drop :/ saw a lot of cheap point and shoot cameras too with all the filter effects, super tempting :( but i shall stick to my 7.2 megapixel cybershot for now -.- super outdated omg.

IMGP16603 Olympus Pen E-P1
so pretty ah!!!

had ocsp meeting at night! not bad ah seems like a fun group haha plus our mini group that was in charge of pre and post csp events were super chill haha! and we were still thinking of dropping by bangkok after the ocsp before coming back LOL but lazy to plan man. i really wanna go bangkok! roar. but with meetings every thursday, i wont be able to go for waacking sessions :( sadded ah!

sigh makeup lessons tmr with aw critique writing test. sighs.